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Sinatur hoteller:
Sinatur Hotel Sixtus

Sinatur Hotel Sixtus

Sinatur Gl. Avernæs

Sinatur Gl. Avernæs

Sinatur Hotel Haraldskær

Sinatur Hotel Haraldskær

Sinatur Skarrildhus

Sinatur Skarrildhus

Sinatur Hotel Storebælt

Sinatur Hotel Storebælt

Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal

Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal

About Sinatur


Sinatur operates six hotels in Denmark. All of the hotels are built in unique natural settings, and this is where we draw the inspiration for our name. The six locations are spread strategically across the Danish countryside, offering a variety of stunning scenery. Each hotel is situated in its own individual natural haven, but all are inspired by the elements of nature, be it the forest, beach or running streams.

Our six hotels all have exclusive conference room facilities tailored to your needs. We accommodate the smaller, more intimate meetings, or we can cater to larger gatherings of up to 200. We strive to ensure that your event, be it for business or pleasure, is nothing short of a success, by adhering to our fundamental principles of consideration and communication. To accommodate your specific needs we offer six different meeting concepts: Basic, Conference, Relationship, Exclusive, Teambuilding and After Hours. For more information, please contact one of our customer service representatives at + 45 2310 1757.

Looking for an extraordinary holiday experience? Sinatur can offer you something truly special. All six of our hotels have their own unique character and history, and all are surrounded by breathtaking nature. Please read further information of each hotel below.

Skarrildhus, near Herning:
t / +45 9719 6233


Skarrildhus is located approximately 15 minutes south of Herning, surrounded by forest, lush meadows and the Jutland moor. Karstoft Stream runs gently through our garden and a spectacular rhododendron park surrounds the historic buildings. Skarrildhus was originally built as a summer residence in 1920. In 1962, it was purchased by the Danish teachers’ association and after several renovations and additions it stands today as a comfortable 81-room hotel with full-service conference facilities.


Haraldskær, Vejle:
t / +45 7649 6000


This stately old manor is situated in the heart of the beautiful Vejle Valley. The nearby Vejle Stream is laden with fish and on the 55 acres that surround Haraldskær you can hike, watch grazing wildlife or just relax in the unspoiled natural surroundings. The main building dates back to 1434 and even though Haraldskær has been modernised over time, there is no escaping the sense of history that permeates the setting. Haraldskær has 47 naturally lit double-occupancy rooms and 4 single rooms.


Hotel Storebælt, Nyborg:

t / +45 6531 4002


Sinatur Hotel Storebælt (Great Belt) centrally located in Nyborg on the island of Funen, offers visitors a bright, energetic ambience in cubist-style surroundings, with relaxing views of the Great Belt strait as a contrasting backdrop. Guests enjoy views of the island of Zealand and the Great Belt Bridge between Zealand and Funen, as well as direct access to the waterfront and Nyborg Beach. Renovated and expanded in 2012, Sinatur Hotel now accommodates 500 guests in 115 rooms, across 8,000 square metres – providing ample space, facilities and activities for your next conference or meeting.



Sixtus, Middelfart:
t / +45 6441 1999


Sixtus is an elegant old home dating from 1912. It lies adjacent to Middelfart’s waterfront and offers a stunning view across the picturesque Fænø Bay. Also located next to a forest, the area is criss-crossed by hiking and running trails. Despite being modernised over the years, the estate has managed to maintain its unique atmosphere. The restaurant and all common areas open directly to the garden, as well as offering breathtaking views of the nearby forest and sea. Sixtus offers 27 rooms.


Gl Avernæs, near Assens:

t / +45 6373 7373


Gl. Avernæs is located on the peninsula of Agernæs, approximately 15 minutes south of Assens on the island of Funen. With water on both sides and a breathtaking view of Helnæs Bay, Gl. Avernæs stands out due to its brilliant location and its distinctive buildings. The main building is known locally as “the castle”, thanks to its remarkable tower. Gl. Avernæs has been through several renovations and modifications, and is today a modern hotel and convention centre, yet it still retains its enchanting charm. Gl. Avernæs has 73 rooms, with a capacity of 120 beds.


Frederiksdal, near Lyngby:
t / +45 4585 4333

Frederiksdal is situated just outside Lyngby, only 20 minutes away from the beautiful Danish capital, Copenhagen. Despite its close proximity to the city, Frederiksdal lies in one of Denmark’s most treasured natural environments. Surrounded by three lakes and the historic Mill Stream, you can go canoeing or take a leisurely boat ride on the lakes and stream during the summer season. Built in 1968, the hotel has since been renovated and is now a modern 60-room hotel featuring well-equipped conference facilities.


Our core values


Be it location, facility, staff or cuisine everything about Sinatur is guided by four defining core principles. Whether it’s a weekend outing, a meeting, conference, major event or unforgettable party you’re planning, you’ll experience these values first hand.




We go out of our way to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. Whether it’s a private rendezvous, unforgettable party, important meeting or just pure relaxation, you can always be certain of one thing: we will take good care of you. We know that it’s not just about accommodation, facilities and equipment. What’s most important is the relaxing atmosphere we can provide to our guests. In the kitchen, our chef Jarl is on hand to cater to your culinary desires with inspirational cuisine. Ann-Kristine will be ready to answer any questions and Lene will make your bed, as she has been doing for the past 40 years. 


When you are staying with us, nature is never far away. A simple brisk walk in the woods or along the beach can quickly re-energise you after a long meeting. With us, there is ample space and an openness that will help you collect your thoughts and ease the mind. Nature is an integral aspect in everything we do and every season brings its very own pallet of colours, light and scents to inspire the senses and give peace to the daily grind.
We produce green energy using the resources of the forest, CO2-neutral biomass heating, wind and solar energy. Sustainability runs through everything we do. At Hotel Skarrildhus, for example, we have our own wind turbine, a biomass furnace and water leaching plant, all of which contribute to creating a CO2-neutral conference hotel. We all have an obligation to respect the environment, nature and history, and we’re committed to making sure that a stay at one of our hotels burdens neither your budget nor the environment.
Fine Dining:
When you stay with us, you’re guaranteed a top quality culinary experience. Our chefs will spoil you with a menu inspired by the Nordic kitchen, including many home-made local specialties. Everything is prepared using premium, seasonal ingredients. We respect nature’s bounty and prefer to use ingredients from the local region. We know that quality food is an essential component of a good living. This is something we experience each and every day.